Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cami Shaper from Genie!!

Siapa pernah dengar Genie Bra? Sekarang dah ada Camisole daripada Genie.. Tengok video di bawah. Kami dah buat preoder sebelum ni dan ramai yang berpuas hati dan nak buat 2nd pre-oder..

Sesiapa berminat nak beli/jadi pengedar boleh whatsapp 019-3613164.

Preoder ini akan dijalankan sehingga 15hb Januari 2014.. 

*****Cami Shaper is a 3-in-1 slenderizing tank with a built-in Genie Bra. It seamlessly tighten and tones to give you a sculpted look instantly. Easily slip on the breathable one-piece construction and bulges disappear. Stop feeling like a stuffed sausage in those uncomfortable shapers. Experience the comfort of Cami Shaper's woven everlast fabric. It custom conforms to your body and never loses its shape. Wear it alone or under a garment. Wear it everywhere you go. No one will ever know. It's your all-in-one Cami Shaper. You wished for it!

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